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Good vs Medieval

Who are these guys? Well, that depends. When they have money, they are mild-mannered slackers like you and me who enjoy waking up at the crack of noon, loitering at the market, catching a good play at the theater, partying all night, and letting the dishes pile up in the sink. When they don't have money, that's when they transform into the stuff that legends are made of. One great thing about living in the middle ages of a fantasy earth realm is that it's a jungle out there, and someone is always in need. GvM have their ears tuned to these cries for help. If a town experiences a diplomatic crisis, or a rich king discovers that his princess is missing, then excellent; GvM will write up the contract for their services with plenty of compensation. Yeah, they'll help any other hapless peon who crawls to them, too— such deeds look good on their resume (just expect more coffee breaks). And with being heroes at heart, they cannot escape the noble code of honor. Good vs. Medieval

In the early days, regardless of how impossible the odds may have seemed, or how ridiculous GvM's methods were, they always somehow got the job done, and word of how these guys had a unique gift for righting wrongs spread across the land. Thus, GvM rose to popularity as the first name in service and security against the slightest wrinkle of peace. Keno the barbarian, Gregor the wizard, Stumpy the dwarf, and Keeb the elf enjoyed their work, which was a plus. If they felt that their payment was not sufficient enough, that was all the more reason to take it out on the bad guys! While some folks considered them overnight legends, others saw them as too reckless, greedy and unorthodox to hold the well-being of mankind in their hands.

Eventually reality smacked GvM in the face when the forces of darkness, vindictive by the overabundance of joy and harmony, focused on the culprits specifically and made it a point to one-up them or erase them from existence entirely. This competitor for world domination is called Skullduggery, an army of demons, orcs, and other foul creatures under the command of the ruthless gargoyle sorcerer, Lord Critikul. This empire, with methods as questionable as GvM's, immediately became the ultimate counterbalance. In a rivalry uncontested, GvM continues to fight Skullduggery and their schemes to eradicate all things good from the homerealm. It is up to our heroes to meet all of Skullduggery's challenges and overcome them, ensuring that all sentient races can prosper.

Thanks to Skullduggery, GvM realized true righteousness. Although reward money is still gladly received, our heroes understand that it does squat in a world of darkness. They know that the war against evil will be an infinite one, but as long as Skullduggery stains the homerealm with its presence, GvM vows to combat it.

GvM's home-office lies in the commercial district of the town of Briton (pronounced with a long I), centered in the kingdom of the same name. Briton Castle stands on a distant hill, far from the middle-class riffraff. One would think that with such prestigious occupations as protecting the world from harm, GvM lives a lavish life. Actually, no. A good chunk of their earnings go the aforementioned markets, plays at theaters, and all-night parties, not to mention equipment for Keno, ale for Gregor, food for Stumpy, and toys for Keeb. The rest goes to damages caused by GvM's recklessness during their quests. Thus, they may always be appointed to living a modest life in their little six-room house that desperately needs a maid's touch.

Keno the Barbarian

Keno the Barbarian

Weapon of choice: Broadsword
Personal quote: "YO HOOOOOO", "Fight 'em Later!"
Favorite pastime: Sword and weight training, wrestling large animals, shopping for weapons that will probably never replace his broadsword
Interesting quirk: Keno doesn't drink ale. His favorite beverages are "power shakes" that he invents.

Okay, he doesn't look much like a barbarian, seeing how he dresses in full armor and can only dream of having shoulder-length hair. Regardless, he likes the title; it screams, "Don't mess with me, or I'll tear your legs off!" As leader of the group, he considers his intelligence, ability to think critically, and neighborly charm when dealing with people as his most important assets, whereas his brute strength and finesse with a sword are mere bonuses. Although kind and gentlemanly, folks are reluctant to shake his hand as he usually breaks them with underestimated strength. Keno will greet any dependent sincerely, listen with an absorbent ear and respond with a practical manual for the task at hand. In untamed environments, his detailed rambling usually distracts him, and Skullduggery capitalizes on this. On the battlefield, his friendly demeanor turns completely opposite as he can shred through a dozen foes as easy as walking. In fact, therein lies his greatest flaw, for sometimes he gets too caught up in the heat of battle. Let's just say he racks up the best score on level-one target practice, but on level-two, with innocent bystanders thrown in, the results aren't pretty. If accidents do occur, there's always Skullduggery to blame.

Gregor the Wizard

Gregor the Wizard

Weapon of choice: Wooden staff
Personal quote: "Snapper!"
Favorite pastime: Drinking, collecting books that he'll probably never read
Interesting quirk: Gregor has an inexplicable hatred of lollipops.

Keno's right-hand man. He's rather young for a wizard, his beard an eternal five o'clock shadow. Despite this, he is very knowledgeable with magic, especially the destructive variety. Don't let his robe of pure white fool you; Gregor is strictly a black mage with no clerical capacity whatsoever. It's a shame, really, as Good vs. Medieval's mishaps make them wish they had a good healer, but Gregor claims to be working on that. Rich in wisdom, he usually provides the background information of the current mission, as well as limitless ideas. Gregor is a cool, cocky cat when all goes well but becomes terribly snappy and bitter otherwise. He will always respect Keno's decisions as Keno is his equal in intelligence (and also much larger and more likely to break a body part in an argument). As for his team inferiors, expect them to be degraded and slapped upside the head a lot as Gregor takes out his frustrations. This behavior doesn't just extend to his comrades; Gregor will oftentimes get into a squabble with the people he's trying to help, and it is up to Keno to mediate. When not questing with his mates, Gregor's favorite pastime is getting hammered with ale. Ironically he becomes more subdued in a drunken state. Some would say he has killed more kegs than monsters since becoming a professional hero.

Stumpy the Dwarf

Stumpy the Dwarf

Weapon of choice: Oversized battle axe
Personal quote: "I'm hungry!", "When do we eat?", "Is it dinnertime yet?"
Favorite pastime: Eating, picking his nose
Interesting quirk: No one has ever seen Stumpy's scalp. Maybe that's a good thing.

His talent is— eating! Oh, and he can do dwarf stuff like tinkering, picking locks, disarming traps, and building things. Considering the fact that Stumpy isn't the brightest candle on the chandelier, no one really knows how his expertise in mechanics came about. Perhaps it's in his dwarfish blood. Outside of his little daydreamy world, Stumpy usually needs to be told twice what to do. Give him the chance to prove himself, and who knows what will happen. He is a man of few words, usually because he's too busy stuffing his face, and the words he does offer make little sense. Oftentimes he is omitted from the team's strategic briefings as he gets bored easily and doesn't pay attention. Rather, he likes to chase squirrels, graze, or ponder the meaning of toe hair. Stumpy is a hidden blessing to the team, for if it weren't for him eating away all their funds, Good vs. Medieval wouldn't be so hungry (literally) to get out and perform heroic deeds. In battle, Stumpy wields an axe that's nearly as big as he is, but even when unarmed, no one dares get in between him and food. Keeping busy is best for him. When Stumpy has nothing to do, he will most likely stand motionless with finger up his nose or be employed by Keeb as a doorstop.

Keeb the Elf

Keeb the Elf

Weapon of choice: Crossbow, dagger
Personal quote: Any bad pun
Favorite pastime: Playing with toys, going on nature hikes
Interesting quirk: Forever young, Keeb never curses. "Heck" is as vulgar as he gets.

Former court jester turned hero, Keeb held on to his knack for playing tricks as part of his arsenal. Unfortunately he applies most of his repertoire to his fellow teammates rather than the enemy. He makes up for it, though, with his archery skills. Without his bow, he relies on whatever he remembered to bring when he left the house. He will employ jack-in-the-boxes, bicycle horns, and even use the backside of his tunic pins to viciously poke his foes. Keeb is very in tune with nature and can often sense trouble in the air before anyone else. However, unlike most elves, Keeb knows no magic but compensates with bow upgrades and a vast variety of special-effect arrows like flame arrows, poison arrows, and even exploding arrows among many others. Stealth will always be a downside for the jester as long as he wears little jingly bells on his uniform. Although his teammates have warned him about that on several occasions, Keeb just can't pass up a comedic moment, even it involves the irony of attracting danger with his bells. Whether deliberately walking into objects or making faces at the enemy, Keeb's childlike personality offers an undeniable lightheartedness to the team, and in terrifying situations, he can be counted on for comic relief.

Visitation Frights

[2][3][4] Good vs. Medieval partake in a horror adventure of restless spirits and things that go bump in the night. In the first of four parts, Gregor and Keeb play ghost chasers for beer!


How does a wily villain counterattack against a quartet of weak heroes? Throw even weaker monsters at them! This does make sense in its own way.


Heroics aren't as easy as they used to be. Forget demons and dragons; our heroes have a hard enough time fighting red tape!

Crossroads of Souls Chapter 1

What does the birth of a future chemical mastermind and rats vomiting on a corpse have in common? Find out! Oh, and meanwhile, GvM bumble around a dungeon as a prologue to a tale beyond belief!