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StarEthan Meets Good vs. Medieval

“StarEthan Meets Good vs. Medieval”

© 1994, Brian Vigue.

Before you get thrown into this pool of chaos, you should familiarize yourself with the history behind this story. The StarEthan team was a band of adventurous characters created in 1993 the same way as Good vs. Medieval two years earlier. Both were inspired by a group of friends gathered around, playing a game of some kind. For Good vs. Medieval, it was the Milton Bradley game Heroquest, and for StarEthan, it was the Super Nintendo game Starfox. For those who don't remember, Starfox introduced cutting-edge 3D technology to home video gaming in the form of basic polygons that, by today's standards, look like paper airplanes in an origami world. An old friend of mine named Ethan owned the game (hence the name StarEthan), and the rest of us— Jody, Scott and myself— played it too. Thus, StarEthan was created, and because of the characters' zany antics, they were basically a futuristic mirror image of Good vs. Medieval. In January 1994, I wanted to see what kind of mayhem would result if both teams came together.

This adventure was so big, it ended up as a wall mural that measured twelve feet long by seven-and-a-half feet tall! The following link breaks this monster down into its actual fifteen rows that can be scrolled across. Included is author commentary because, really, some of this humor needs explaining if not heckling.

The saucer-eyed style of these old cartoons have a quaint, indie charm. The writing and illustration is amateurishly entertaining. This was the last hurrah for this primitive style, and the same can be said for StarEthan too.

And now, StarEthan Meets Good vs. Medieval...