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My colored-pencil collage of Downtown Waterville landmarks won the honor of award presetation piece, coupled with key to the city, to be offered as the Business of the Year Award to Waterville small businesses for the next ten years! This newspaper article says it all.

Vigue's Downtown Waterville Maine to honor small businesses
Heavy Metal Claudia Christian

Claudia Con 2011

Claudia Christian, star of such shows as Babylon 5 and Highlander, hosted Claudia Con 2011, which featured prints of "Claudia". A handful of signed prints are still available. Contact me if interested.

Heavy Metal Magazine, July 2011 Heavy Metal Valkyrie

My latest showing in Heavy Metal Magazine, July 2011, this time with a six-page gallery.

Brian Vigue Heavy Metal gallery Brian Vigue Heavy Metal gallery
Heavy Metal Magazine, January 2010

"Captive?" graces the ToC spread of the January 2010 issue of Heavy Metal Magazine.

"Captive?" in Heavy Metal
Solarrin the minotaur conjures furious magic in Archmage of the Universe

MageLore & ElfLore

Books written by Christine Morgan, published by Sabledrake Publishing and Renaissance Alliance Publishing.

Elfin warrioress Ariana Mirida fights an alligator snake woman in Silversilk Kai Tilanne, Knight of the Basilisk Elfin warriors duel with swords in Truegold Black Roses